Panel and Service Upgrades

Today a 200 amp service with plenty of breaker space is standard.  However many older houses were built with 125 or even 100 amp services and cannot keep up with the demands of modern life.  Additionally, some panel and breaker brands have not stood the test of time and are recommended to be replaced.   

A service upgrade is typically a full long days work for 2 or 3 electricians.  Power will have to be shut off by the utility company and be off for most of the day.  In addition to the panel, breakers, and service equipment, the grounding system will need to be brought up to current code.  This will require access to the cold water main valve as well as driving new ground rods.  Once our work is complete, the power can be restored by the utility company.  This may be a long day, but we wont leave until the power is back on and all circuits are working and labeled properly.